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Two adorable small pandas playing in the snow. Photographer Josef Gelernter

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Everything Love
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Ma Boi

illest f00 alive. Ya feel me. 


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It’s nearing the 2 year mark

It’s almost been two years since we met. Whether you believe it or not, you still run through my mind quite often. It felt like it was just yesterday we met. It felt like hours ago since you decided to cut off all ties with me even when what I saw was chemistry. You probably don’t even know I exist anymore. Even though nothing happened, you were the one that got away. I can’t help but keep thinking about what we could’ve been. I never got a chance. No girl compares to you… Looks and personality wise. That moment I got your number was the happiest I’ve ever been. At that very moment, my heart skipped a beat whether you believe it or not. I want to talk to you, but I’m afraid you’ll just get annoyed. Hopefully we can hangout soon.

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